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Human Resources
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The company mainly produces lighting, LED lighting based, is due to business needs, Ji Zhao the following personnel:


(A) with a single clerk Job requirements:
At least 1 year relevant working experience;
2, Familiar with the work flow, basic business letter writing ability and strong written and oral expression ability;
3, familiar with the document writing format, skilled use of OFFICE and other office software;
4, work carefully, a strong sense of responsibility, and his integrity.
(B) the buyer requirements:
1, more than one or two years of procurement experience;
2, familiar with the relevant quality system standards, proficient in the procurement business, have good communication skills, negotiation skills and cost consciousness;
3, skilled in computer;
4, good at looking for new products, work orderly clarity, attention to detail;
5, Good factory assessment cooperation ability, good cost evaluation ability and good coordination and problem solving ability;
6, have a good professional ethics and professionalism, with strong professionalism, teamwork and working principles;
7, engaged in lighting industry and ERP system operator priority.
(C) foreign trade clerk Job requirements:
1, Graduation Major: Foreign Trade English, International Trade, Business English, Business English;
2, work experience, 1 year or more LED foreign trade experience;
3, character, skills, knowledge requirements: honesty, good English, a certain knowledge of led lighting;
4, Language and other requirements: English Majors 4, College English 6, English fluent in reading and writing, able to independently receive foreign customers, complete orders;
5, with hard-working tolerance, can withstand greater pressure; thinking flexible, rapid response; work seriously responsible and proactive.
(D) Sales Engineer Job Requirements:
1, good image, good temperament; able to skillfully operate office software, good communication skills and social skills;
2, love the sales work, a wealth of sales experience and awareness of the blank market development;
3, active thinking, analysis and strong, knowledgeable, writing fluent;
4, dedicated, active work, have good communication skills and teamwork awareness;
5, good at building a good relationship with customers, have a strong customer communication skills, persuasion and customer negotiation skills;
6, to develop regional short - term and long - term business objectives and supervision, to achieve the objectives of participation;
7, according to market conditions to develop marketing policy, comprehensive and specific responsibility for the management of the development of regional marketing work;
8, to develop the regional marketing strategy and the effectiveness of promotional programs.


Treatment: Negotiable
Interview time: 10:00 am, 14:00 pm (interview with identity card / diploma / health card / inch photo 2)
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